Copy of ABOUT US

The brand

The brand was established in July 2016. Antwiofficial is a Belgium-based premium ready-to-wear & custom-made brand for women founded by fashion designer Victoria Antwi. Inspired by the female silhouette, that translates itself into timeless and classy pieces for the fearless woman. A woman who is not afraid to stand out. Every shape, color and design is selected carefully, so we can assure a feeling of empowerment that flatters every skin-tone. The importance of having quality pieces is very important to us. Our collection are not mass-produced but made to order, each item is therefore handmade with care. The collections and custom-made gowns are designed and handmade in Belgium by Victoria Antwi.


The founder

Victoria Antwi is the founder of the Belgian premium and ready-to-wear fashion brands ANTWI Official and ANTWI Bridal. She started her fashion journey at the age of 13 years old when she decided to study fashion at avAnt Antwerp. She saved money and went on to buy her first sewing machine, over time, she started designing and sewing clothes for herself, her mom and her friends. This early experience taught her many things: draping, measuring, pattern making and dress constructions. It also taught her many things about the fashion industry and the art of constructing clothes. But her hard work, dedication and talent is what got her where she is now. She loved every part of the process, especially the creative aspect and the fact that she was constantly teaching herself new things. 

This is what inspired and ultimately pushed her to create her own female clothing brand ANTWI Official in March 2017. During the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, the young and ambitious designer started her second brand called ANTWI Bridal, a bridal and eveningwear brand.  

Since then, she has helped to realize the wedding dress dreams of many brides from Belgium to the Netherlands, the UK, Australia and many more countries. Creating dreamy gowns to make women feel confident, fierce, beautiful and elegant is what she strives to achieve with her work.

She’s a passionate designer who believes in hard work, manifestation and God.

Our beliefs

Women are powerful creatures. Women are goddesses. Women are beautiful. Women should be worshiped.

The presence of a fierce woman, whether it's your beloved mama, your grandmother, or a close friend you look up to, related or not related: Strong women lift each other up. We seek for validation within our own female companions. But no one actually has the power to reach inside your soul and make your self-confidence bloom, then you yourself. Antwi looks at the female as she should be: Powerful in her own way, almost like a goddess: fearless and beautiful.

The meaning

VICTORIA stands for the goddess of victory.

ANTWI stands for independent, positive, powerful, complete and determined personality. Antwi collection reveals the beauty of simplicity and colour. Through clean and modern shapes. The brand wants you to feel empowered and feminine. Antwi is for the brave. The bold and elegant woman.